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Hermit Studio is based at Hermit House, a homestead in the countryside outside Copenhagen, Denmark. We are a small studio whose focus is on empowering creativity using technology and our 40 years of experience within the IT Industry.

We believe that writing, photography, gaming, film, art, podcasting, music and the interplay between them are the primary tools which allow us to tell our stories, and by telling them to affect the changes we want and need in the world around us.

Inspired by Nature

Hermit Studio is an idyllic place to work. All the images on this site were taken here at the Studio.

meet the team


Gaelle Logeay - Symphonical

"Niamh has been helping Symphonical via Hermit Studio since February 2014. She writes copy and proof reads our communications. As a super and very friendly user at Symphonical, she gives us very creative and constructive feedback. In case of doubt, she gives help which ensures us great quality. She's extremely reliable and communicates well, which we value a lot as we don't work in the same physical space. Lastly Hermit Studio offers excellent work at a reasonable cost. We're extremely happy with their services and highly recommend Niamh and Hermit Studio for editing and writing work."

Karsten Stehr - Syd Energi

"I can warmly recommend Niamh Brown to anyone who needs assistance from a skilled and trustworthy developer. Niamh always delivers a good result and should there be minor errors or discrepancies (and there almost never is), Niamh corrects them immediately. In addition, Niamh is extremely good at documenting the fixes and solutions she performs. I have been very pleased with the tasks Niamh Brown has handled for me and our team at SE, and can therefore only give her the best recommendations."

H. David Blalock - Speculative Fiction Writer

"Niamh is a consummate professional, active and dedicated to any project which she manages or directs. I found working with her to be rewarding and educational as she took the NovoPulp 2013/2014 Anthology from idea to reality."

Claus Bøhm - DoIT4U

"I worked with Niamh, for 2 years. Niamh is a very skilled developer. She sees solutions and knows how to handle requests, so that the customer is satisfied. Niamh has often been the one to ask, if you're stuck in a solution. I would recommend Niamh at all times."


Vadsbyvej 15,
2640 Hedehusene


Note: Unsolicited requests for web development partnerships and outsourcing opportunities will be ignored. We are not available for web development consulting at this time.